04 August 2020 Announcement

A supplementary exam is an additional exam (or other form of assessment) that may be approved for a student in the following circumstances:

  • A student who has come close to passing a subject and meets the relevant College guidelines for awarding a supplementary exam.  
  • A student who has applied for special consideration due to unexpected circumstances impacting on their performance during the first exam.

This is a second chance to pass the subject and students must pass the supplementary exam to gain a pass overall.  The best possible result from a supplementary exam is SP (supplementary pass) or SS (supplementary pass in an ungraded subject).

Supplementary exams are scheduled after the formal exam period, and may not be available for all subjects, or for all examination types.

Supplementary exams are your second chance at achieving the marks you need to pass your course. You can also qualify for a supplementary exam if you have a valid reason for missing the original exam. This exam takes place a few weeks after the initial exams are taken. 

Passing Supplementary Exams

The best way to pass any exam is by studying hard. Just because you’ll write at a later date doesn’t mean you should relax and take it for granted. You should hit the books as soon as possible. Take advantage of our tips on passing supplementary exams while working on your study schedule

Identify Your Mistakes

If you have already written your exam, the best way to pass your supplementary paper would be to identify your mistakes. Ask your examiner if you can have a look at your exam paper. Use it to mark off the sections you did poorly in. 

Try new Study Techniques 

Have you been using the same study methods for years? Maybe it’s time to try something new. Find a study method that works for the way you learn. A good idea would be to ask your fellow classmates what study techniques they use and try it out. 

Understand the Material

Studying is all about understanding. You may read over your course material but do you understand it? Make sure you know what you are studying. This can make a difference between a fail and a pass. 

Joining Study Groups

You know the saying, two heads are better than one? The same goes for studying. Joining a study group will open you up to new study techniques and it gives you a chance to understand the material from a new perspective.

The Role of Past Papers 

Past papers are the best weapon you can have when it comes to attacking your supplementary exams. If you can, try and get past papers to use while you study. They will help you see how the paper will be set up and help you identify the types of questions you will be asked. 

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