03 June 2022 News

Online education has become the new normal for thousands of teachers and learners across the globe. We had to get used to the lack of in-person communication, opting for the most efficient ways to deliver learning. One of these ways can be a user-friendly education marketplace where learners and experts can communicate without pain.In Tanzania there are many local education businesses that are not embracing fully the advantage of an education marketplace because they do not have awareness on the presence of the online marketplace for their services and products.

Tanzania is one among the countries that have a number of local education business owners who are operating their business through traditional means till to date,this setbacks their digital growth and other business operation growth.However the available products that are supposed to help them in meeting their needs are not well known by both teachers and students.

Online education marketplace helps the local education businesses to sell their service and products to students without pain,due to the features that are incorporated in the marketplace,according to elearning Industry ,there are some features which every marketplace must have.

Kimbweta as an online education marketplace in Tanzania is doing a great work in making sure that the platform is becoming more user friendly so that to enable the interaction between teachers and students with much less efforts.

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